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Myths versus Facts

There are many myths about falconry click below to find out the facts.


Our Sister company provides bird of prey static and flying displays, as well as Falconry days. Click below to find out more.

Mauris purus. Donec est nunc ornare.

We hope to explain our services and answer your questions on these pages.

Falconry and its use in the control of Avian pests has developed over many, many years. On these pages we have attempted to convey the key elements and explain why it is one of, if not the most environmentally friendly way of controlling pest birds avoiding the use of dangerous poisons or guns.

However, if after viewing our site you still have any questions please do call or e-mail Flygreen as we are more than happy to clarify anything, or talk about our wonderful birds.

Pest Bird Problem?

Do you have a problem with pest birds, pigeons, starlings, seagulls, crows etc?

Then why not get me and my mates round to give you a hand. We won’t hurt them just ask them politely to move away from where they are being a nuisance, in fact usually they just go when they see us and we don’t get chance to talk.

Rick and Angie

To find out more about falconry and how it can help to control your pest birds click below.

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