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Here are a few photos of us at work for various blue chip clients in Central London at different times of the year.

Hopefully you will not spot a pigeon in sight!!

As you can see we are very privileged to enjoy some very special views across London whilst carrying out our work and we meet some lovely people many of whom have become good friends.

At Work

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The Flygreen Team In Action

The video on the right shows us in action at a warehouse site in Essex.

As you can see we tour the location flying the birds to and from the building and structures in the area. Typically this will last 45 minutes to an hour but it varies depending on the size of the location and the extent of the Avian pest problem the client has.

Whilst the video shows a warehouse the principle is the same for any location with different buildings or structures present. As the Hawks fly around the pest birds see them and vacate the area, however they are not silly and if they do not see the Hawks come back or they only come on specific days the pest birds quickly learn and return, so it is important to maintain an effective Avian pest control programme even when the pest birds can not be seen.