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Terms & Conditions

Before providing you with a free no obligation written proposal

We will visit site to assess spacial considerations, people traffic volumes, roof, ledge, roost & breed, egg-laying and removal particulars, seasonal variations, species (including protection issues), climatic conditions, spiking  options, predator familiarity, rotational issues and flight frequencies with particular relevance to the current service level agreement in arriving at our specific recommendations.

We have full public liability insurance and all our Birds are registered with, and inspected by, DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).


A monthly report, summarising activity, performance and highlighting potential future threats will be prepared. We would propose issuing these electronically to minimise the impact on the environment but if required can issue paper based reports.


Each proposal we provide is unique to the specific client, the nature of their pest bird problem, their location and their operational considerations.

Where ever the location allows we will use a variety of bird species in order to maximise the effectiveness of flying birds of prey.


Our Objectives

In addition to your own objectives these are the minimum we will seek to achieve.

Regular roof inspections to accessible areas must be undertaken to remove eggs. Flygreen incorporate seasonal inspections into the clients  preventative maintenance programme. Nest removal from trees and surrounding areas will also be incorporated.